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Women in Aviation

We add additional Biographies for the Women who make our aviation history colorful and enjoyable regularly. The women we currently feature are:
Barbara Barrett Julie Mikula
Trish Beckham Sally D. Murphy
Willa Brown Jackie Parker
Marcia Buckingham Barbara Phillips
Jerrie Cobb Harriet Quimby
Jackie Cochran Terry Rinehart
Eileen Collins Jacque Smith
Vickie Doering Patty Wagstaff
Amelia Earhart Emily Howell Warner
Wally Funk Florene Watson
Anne Lindbergh Fay Gillis Wells
Elizabeth Matarese Betty Jane Williams
Zoe Dell Nutter  

Our first Women in Aviation 1999 calendar flew in space with Col. Eileen M. Collins, whose NASA launches from Cape Kennedy were awesome! View the 1999 Calendar Women

Historic artifacts from Aviation Archives have been carried into space during various missions:

• STS-63 Lt. Col. Eileen Collins carried Amelia Earhart’s scarf, which made headlines.

• STS-78 LTC Susan Helms, Payload Commander, carried Women”s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) wings as a special honor to the 25 original WAFS who ferried military aircraft during WWII.

• STS-91 Commander Charles Precourt carried the replicated Early Bird banner and used it as a photographic backdrop in space when STS-91 paid tribute to George Grundy, last of the pre-WWI Early Birds, together with the 598 men and women Early Birds who soloed prior to WWI.

• STS-84 Lt. Col. Eileen Collins carried 2 volumes from a miniature boxed set of Shakespeare that Amelia Earhart and her sister, Muriel Earhart Morrissey, read as children.