Women in Aviation Calendar

Our first calendar was in 1999

Calendars that feature 12 of the Women that have been part of the history of aviation and where they have gone beyond aviation.

Aviation Multi-Media History

Video, Biographies and Triva

We are working on the many submissions that we have to get them moved from paper to digital and create a multi-media library of the history of Aviation.

Just Plane Crazy

Bobbi Trout's Official Biography

"Bobbi" was a contemporary of Amelia Earhart, and actually held many more records, but did not have the publicity machine that Amelia Earhart had, and quite frankly, "lived" to be 97 years old.

Amelia, My Courageous Sister

In the words of Amelia's sister Muriel

For the first time information is available about Fred Noonan, Amelia's naviagor that disappeared along with her. There is a chronology of Amelia's last flight collected from thousands of pages of records from the many sources.

Video Catalog Project

Many interviews of Aviation Greats

We need to take the footage we have and edit it so we can add it to our multimedia project. We have hundreds of hours of video to delve through.

Other Projects

We never know where this leads us

Over the last thrity years we never know where everything is going to take us. We find many projects that we would love to do. Time is all we need, well maybe ...

We'd love to have you participate

If you have things that you would like to donate to our projects, be it time, funds, or expertise, we would love to have you join us.

Ways to Donate to the History

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